An excitingly greedy spelunking adventure
re-imagined for your Windows PC.

Cave Jumper is a gaming experience that will put you on the edge of seat with its addictive, technical, platforming action! Help everyone's favorite Spelunker dig his way to bounds of treasure, while avoiding cleverly placed traps and larger-than-life monsters! Explore huge levels of all kinds of elements and difficulties! Discover hidden power-ups and secret passage-ways! It's all in a day's work for Cave Jumper!
This game is the long-awaited update to Cave Jumper. This new update includes:
  • New, improved levels!
  • More health for more Cave Jumping action!
  • New unique axes to help you master the caves!
  • Fight Dragons!
  • Improved online scoring system with new in-game score display!
  • Numerous Bug Fixes!
  • Support for Windows Vista x64 and beyond!
Don't wait! Cave Jumper is back,
and waiting for you to master it!
"Insane game totally worth the money. just did one run and it was already worth it"
~Babben, TGP Forums