Gunner 4: Shadow of Blood is the concept of the advancement of the Gunner series. KNPMASTER designed the game to provide a gameplay experience that was both extremely mechanical and challenging, pushing the limits of what Multimedia Fusion could do. However, most people argue that this game is almost too complex, and took away from what Gunner 3 had done for the series. That is why this version of Gunner is currently abandonware.

Gunner 4: Shadow of Blood gave the user plenty of new weapons (most of which are not available in the demo) that would be accessed through the new inventory system. In addition to weaponry, there was also the ability to change your helmet, armor, and boots, all of which could help the player access and complete certain areas. Planned were lots of new enemies to fight, including at least two boss fights per level. There were a total of 3 levels completed when the game was abandoned (two are fully playable in the demo).

NOTE: this version of Gunner 4 has currently been abandoned. We will not be giving out the source code, so please don`t ask.