This is a really, really hard puzzle game. Using laser guns, mirrors, and bombs, you must hit the target twice in each level. Be careful, though! One false move can prevent you from ever completing the level! This game will really get your mind racing. The game automatically saves your progress so you can continue later if you get too frustrated.

Locally, 18 hard as nails levels will keep you busy for hours.

iPhone, iPad Only: This game also features an Online Level Database with hundreds of levels! You can connect to the Laser Frenzy Online Level Database to build, create, and play your own Laser Frenzy levels and share them with the rest of the world for a lifetime of Laser Frenzy Puzzle Mayhem!

Don't miss out on this treasure, hours of entertainment await you inside Laser Frenzy!


Laser Frenzy is a puzzle game involving lasers. Use the laser turrets to shoot the yellow laser gate. The begining levels are easy however the difficulty ramps up quickly as you find yourself trying to solve insanely hard puzzles. Completing a level will give you a star. Collect all the stars to win!

Yellow Laser Gate:
The object of each level is to hit the yellow laser gate twice. Once to open it, and once more to complete the level.

Laser Turrets:
Touch a laser turret to fire off a laser in the direction of the turret. If a laser hits another turret, the turret will rotate 90 degrees clockwise. Use this to your advantage.

Laser Turrets on Rails:
Touch the arrows on the end of the rail to move the laser turret. Touch the turrent to fire a laser in the direction of the turret. Turrets on rails cannot rotate and will be destroyed if a laser hits them.

One Way Gate:
This gate only allows one laser to pass through it before it closes.

Switch Gate:
This gate allows lasers to pass through, however it then switches directions, stopping lasers from passing through it from the same direction.

Lasers will bounce off mirrors at right angles changing the direction of the laser. If a laser hits the back of the mirror it will push the mirror one block length.
Opposite mirrors that collide will fuse together to form a moveable block.

Moveable Block:
This block can get in the way, however it can be moved one block length if a laser hits it.

This block will stop any laser and block most objects.

Blocks that can be destroyed by lasers. Two lasers will break a brick wall clearing the way for other lasers and objects.

Nukes can be moved like a moveable block, however will destroy any object in their way upon contact besides other nukes and the yellow laser gate.