Just in time for St. Patty's Day!

In a field of clovers, there is one spot that is luckier than the others! You must find the lucky spot in each field. The sooner you find the lucky spot, the more points you'll earn. Sometimes, you may uncover bonus coins for extra points! Good Luck!

Tips / Tricks / Gameplay

Warning: Some spoilers related to game play are below. You may want to figure them out yourself.

We have a gem of a game right here! Find the Lucky Spot! Disguised as a game of pure chance, this puzzle/casino game plays like a reverse mine sweeper. The object of the game is to find the Lucky Spot on your first try on each stage to maximize your points.

Spot Sparkle Tricks:
Spots will randomly flash/sparkle. Sometimes you will notice a different color flash, and that is very important. Depending on the size of the stage, it may take time for a spot to flash, and the spot will only flash special ONE time, then return to normal flashing. You must keep your eyes pealed in order to find the lucky spot.
Blue - You have a chance to see the blue sparkle in each stage. You can see it for up to 5 levels. That is the Lucky Spot!
Yellow - If you see yellow sparkles, that means the lucky spot is touching that clover. You can see up to 3 per level, only if the blue sparkle is not present.
Red - If you see red sparkles (which will happen on 1 level), then every spot will flash red on it's first flash, except the lucky spot. Keep your eyes pealed and remember which ones were red, as they are NOT the lucky spot.

Coin Levels:
There are 3 random levels that will give you a better chance to get coins. Coins are worth 200 points and that's a lot! On a coin level you will not see yellow sparkles.

Level 1:
None of these rules apply on level 1. Level 1 is pure chance.