You are a Bubble, but not just any bubble. You are a Bubble Blob, which is a bubble with properties that a blob has plus the properties of a bubble, i.e. stretching, bouncing, flexing, sticking, and so forth. However, you aren`t just any ordinary Bubble Blob. You, my friend, are a Super Bubble Blob. Being a Super Bubble Blob, it is your task to get through various levels of increasing difficulty. The yellow square is your goal, and the spike balls are the obstacles. Will you be able to do it? Do you have what it takes to be a Super Bubble Blob? Only your skills in the game can tell you...

Super Bubble Blob is an extremely puzzling and addicting platformer, putting your gaming skills to the ultimate test. Guide the little green Bubble Blob through 40 challenging levels of platforming skill, jumping from wall to wall, sticking to gooey blocks, and bouncing like a pogo stick all the way! Don`t fall off the stage, or touch obstacles that will make our little green hero pop!

Are you good enough to unlock coin challenge mode? You may find yourself at the computer for hours with this game!

Download 1.0.1 EXE Update
Fixes FullScreen on Newer Computers